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How to prepare for guests once COVID restrictions lift

With restored hope on the horizon for a post-COVID summer, you’re probably dreaming of all the parties and gatherings you’re going to host at your home. The thought of having all our friends in the same room again is certainly an exciting prospect after such a harrowing season. But after over a year since guests, your home might not be completely up to snuff for hosting quite yet. But fear not! We’re here to help you prepare for guests, post-COVID.

Breathe Life Back Into the Common Area 

Common area updates after COVID

Studio living is the name of the game post-COVID. Your living room is about to become a hub for your friends and family again for the first time in a long time. With many of us continuing to work from home or just returning to the office, we’re well accustomed to using our space for a multitude of purposes. This is a trend that’s here to stay and we reintegrate into a new sort of normal. 

Think about how you can make your living room a focal point for not only visitors but also the people that spend time there every day. Comfort and utility are key. Create a zone where you can relax together without necessarily being on top of other people who are engaged in a different activity. 

Our Tips:   

  • Don’t be afraid to incorporate plenty of throw pillows. 
  • Include an area where you can work on your laptop.
  • Try to segment the living area intentionally (i.e. this is where the kids play, this is where the adults mingle).
  • Incorporate smart, stylish storage.

Create an Outdoor Oasis

Redesign your patio

Summer is upon us and BBQ season is bound to be busy this year. In the midst of isolation, a lot of people were eager to get outside as much as possible. Some might have even revamped their patio to spend more time outside safely during the peak of the pandemic. But now that we have the green light to have friends and family outside of our “COVID bubbles”, it’s time to shift to accommodate for more guests.

Much like in the living room, your outdoor design will hinge on flexibility this year. How can you fuse the feel of communal space with a practical element? Your patio, deck, backyard, and even sunroom can be a space to gather, work out, cook, dance, and do so much more. Find a way to incorporate your lifestyle into the design of this area while also considering how you’ll entertain guests. 

Our Tips:   

  • Plant an edible garden to up your BBQ game.
  • Buy multipurpose furniture with features such as hidden drink compartments or modular elements.
  • Don’t forget to add a decorative touch such as string lights or garlands
  • Incorporate a shaded, private area somewhere in the backyard.

Polishing up the Guest Room 

guest room for guests post-covid

With travel being a possibility again, you might have guests you haven’t seen in over a year and a half coming out to see you this summer. Be sure you have accommodations that will blow them out of the water. This year, guest room design will be all about merging a safe, clean environment with a comfortable retreat for your visitors. 

While it looks like we are on our way out of this pandemic, it’s still a good idea to keep safety in mind until we get a definitive all-clear. Be sure to make it obvious to visitors that you’re providing them with a clean place to lay their heads at night. You also don’t want it to be too sterile so this can be a tricky line to walk. 

Our Tips:   

  • Use plants to add an air of health and cleanliness to the space. 
  • Clean the room thoroughly between guests. 
  • Lean on calming shades of blue or green for decor. 
  • Stock the room with safety materials such as hand sanitizer and masks.

We’re so happy to have made it this far through the abnormal life we’ve been living since the start of the pandemic. It’s such a joy to see people mingling yet again. Good luck with your guest arrivals, stay safe and healthy!