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Sunroom entryway


There’s no better place to unwind than in a beautifully cultivated sunroom addition. They’re characterized by large windows or screen doors and are the perfect solution for bathing in natural sunlight while encapsulated by an open room. You might also hear them referred to as a garden room, solarium, patio room, or sun porch. Whatever you call them, there are many ways to style a sunroom.

Here are 20 of our favorites.

1. Make it a Reading Nook 

What’s better than curling up with a good book while sitting in the sun? If you’re an avid bookworm, make your sunroom into your perfect reading nook. Incorporate your favorite armchair, some cozy pillows, and even a shelf to display all of your favorite books. Sunrooms can get quite hot so be sure to hang some sun-blocking curtains in case the sun becomes too intense. 

2. Fill it With Plants 

Sunroom filled with plants

What better place to keep your plant collection than a sunroom? These beautiful additions are perfect for all your favorite high light plants such as aloes, string-of-pearls, and fiddle-leaf figs. These plants can be difficult to manage without proper sunlight. Solariums are like a deluxe suite for sun-loving plants. Transform your space into your own personal jungle! And be sure to grab some darling planters to complete your ideal design. 

3. Create Your Own Personal Bistro 

Morning coffee never looked so good! Create a space of serenity for you and your loved ones to sip tea (or coffee) and chat over scones. Achieve this design by including a bistro table and a couple of chairs. The aim of a bistro-inspired space is to create an atmosphere of intimacy and comfort. Tuck your seating into a corner and maybe even create a coffee bar. 

4. Create a Dreamy Work Station 

By this point, many of us are no strangers to working from home. Improve your workspace game by moving your desk into the garden room. Include your favorite desk lamp, office supplies, and family photos. With such an exquisite area to get work done, you’re sure to enjoy your workday that much more! 

5. Turn it Into a Drink Lounge

Break out the martini glasses! Your sunroom is the perfect space to host evening happy hour. Stock up a drink cart with your favorite fixings and amaze your friends and family with your sophisticated taste in wines and spirits. All the while, you’ll have a wonderful view of your yard and the setting sun.  

6. Use it For Extra Storage 

Now, this suggestion might not be very glamorous but it is not to be overlooked! If you have an excess of “junk” that you can’t seem to find a home for, consider stashing it in your sunroom. Do this by using baskets, furniture with hidden storage, and shelving to hide away stray items. You can also store bigger items like bikes, musical instruments, and sports supplies by hanging them up tastefully. 

7. Transform it Into a Dining Room 

Sunroom with dining room furniture

Why stop at making your sun patio into a place for drinks and coffee? You can transform this space into a fully realized dining area too! All you need is a dining table, chairs, and stylish place settings. Your guests will love dining under the stars at your next dinner party!

8. Use it as a Yoga Studio 

Yoga is all about sinking into the present moment and connecting with your breath. A solarium is a quintessential space for connecting with the here and now. It’s separated from the rest of the house and it’s nice and warm if you’re partial to a hot yoga experience. Simply add some decor that exudes tranquility and roll out your mat! Namaste.

9. Include a Cozy Rug 

Nothing ties a room together better than a statement rug. Your sunroom is the ideal place to relax and unwind after a long day. When picking out decor, the rug will really set the overall tone of this space. Be sure to select one that makes the space feel homey. 

10. Make it Feel Like an Extention of Your Living Room

As we just touched on in the last point, many people opt to cultivate a relaxing environment in their patio room. One way to do that is to make it an extension of your living room. Add a sofa, side tables, or even a TV. It can be a happy medium between being inside without sunshine and being outside when bugs are milling about. 

11. Create a Retreat For Your Cat 

The sunroom doesn’t just need to be for the humans in your household! If you own a cat, you know how attracted they are to warm, sunny areas. Make your sunroom a cat sanctuary. Add a cat tree, fill a basket with their favorite toys, and watch them soak in the royal treatment. They are sure to appreciate having a new spot to nap and play. 

12. Add a Hammock 

Sunroom with a hammock

Soak up the sun while lazily swinging in a hammock. Your patio room is a great place to relax – sunny yet not fully exposed to the elements. You can even choose to take a nap in your hammock during a rainstorm. How soothing would that be?  

13. Make it Into an Art Studio 

If you’re into painting, pottery, or any other creative endeavor, your sun patio could be a great place to spend some time honing your craft. Imagine setting up your easel in front of your bright window, letting a small breeze come through, and painting for hours on end. Pair that with a decadent candle and you have a dream studio. 

14. Convert it Into a Mini Guest Room 

While many people opt to make their sunroom into a common space, it can also have the potential to double as a space for your guests. Daybeds and futons are a great way to split the difference between shared and private space. Add some curtains. Get a throw blanket that your guest can use as a comforter. You’ve got yourself a unique, cozy guest room! 

15. Display Your Favorite Art 

Do you have an extensive collection of art? Hang your paintings in your sunroom. Put a shelf up and display your favorite vases and pottery. Every moment you spend time in this sunroom you’ll be graced with all of your favorite pieces. 

16. Use it as a Play Space For the Kids 

While it’s lovely to have your bouncing bundles of joy laughing and playing in the common area, sometimes it’s nice to have a space to shoo them away to if you need to get work done. A sunroom is a wonderful place for a child to let their imagination take the wheel and spend the whole day playing in the sun.  

17. Use it As a Gardener’s Paradise 

Sunroom with gardening supplies

Do you have a green thumb? Then a sun patio is going to be a great addition to your home. Not only can you store your garden supplies in this space, you can also grow edible plants year-round! A sunroom can act as a sort of greenhouse when you don’t have curtains. It’s the ideal space to grow herbs and veggies. 

18. Install a Fireplace 

Sunrooms aren’t just for the summer, you can cultivate a wonderful place to spend a long winter’s night too! One way to do this is to install a fireplace or wood-burning stove. This will instantly improve the cozy factor of your sunroom. 

19. Add Some String Lights 

String lights are a great addition to any outdoor space. It’s an easy way to create an intimate, tranquil ambiance. Spending an evening in your sunroom is all that more pleasant with the gentle glow of fairy lights filling the space. 

20. Make It Uniquely You 

Whether you call it a solarium or a sunroom, it is certainly a special space. There are so many directions you can take your design. At the end of the day, do what sparks the most joy for you. Maybe it’s your dream office space or maybe you are eager to host a dinner party under the sky.

Regardless, be sure to pick out quality decor to exemplify your unique style. Browse our products for inspiration.