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Dining room with plant life decorations

Your home’s dining room is a center of entertainment. It’s where you serve your favorite masterpiece meals to friends and family. It’s the inner-home of parties and birthday celebrations and countless long, meaningful conversations with your loved ones. Shouldn’t a room with so many beautiful memories be one of the most beautiful rooms in the house? We think so.

How do you decorate a room that has so many purposes: eating, socializing, and occasionally, arts and crafts (we see you, moms!)? Keep reading for our best tips and tricks for making the most out of your dining room. We’ve included suggestions for every decor style! Mealtimes, and everything in between, will never look the same.

Keep it Simple

Simple and clean dining room decor

Chances are, there is a lot going on in your dining room during gatherings, big or small. If clutter stresses you out, or you’d like a blank canvas for the various parties you plan on throwing in this space of your home, the motto you might consider is this: the simpler, the better!


Clean lines and simple materials make for a calming, quiet space that can be decorated according to the occasion. Imagine the above photo at Christmas time: garlands, lights, and bows galore, unadulterated by a predetermined color scheme. Birthday parties are easy to throw in minimalist-style rooms, as the theme of the party requires little to no adjustments of the current set-up.


“Keeping it simple” doesn’t have to mean boring. Your space can maintain simplicity while also upholding a design scheme that is consistent with the rest of your home’s style. Additionally, try adding a few accent pieces that showcase the purpose and potential of the room without being a distraction. Think candles, vases, a single framed art piece, etc.


Be Bold

Mustard-colored seating with glass dining table

Your dining room handles a lot: spills, food fights, glitter and glue, complaints about what’s for dinner… you get the picture. Why not let your decor be as bold as the life happening inside?


Because the focal point of the dining room is the table, you have more freedom to make drastic color, texture, and accent choices than you might think.


Use the dining room as an opportunity to try that paint color you’ve been in love with as an accent wall (or, if you’re feeling extra bold, paint the ceiling). A partial wallpaper application or a brightly colored rug make for beautiful, lively pops of color as well. No more excuses: be brave and daring with the interior design of your dining room. An orange rug? Why not! (So long as it fits the overall ambiance of the room.)


Mix and Match

Mixed dining room chairs at wooden table

If your home decor has an eclectic or artsy leaning, this section comes with good news. An up-and-coming trend in the world of interior design is intentionally choosing furniture that doesn’t match. You can stay in the same color/material family, or go completely out-of-the-box.


Mixing and matching textures, colors, and materials gives your space a refreshing, relaxed look. This design style communicates warmth and modernism.


Eclectic modernism also happens to be convenient if you’re slowly transitioning into a different look for your dining room because you don’t have to rush to get rid of everything all at once. You can buy a few pieces at a time (as your budget allows) and with careful arrangement, it won’t seem like your project is incomplete.


Light it Up

Open dining room with large windows

More than any other room in the house, how the dining room is lit is essential to the overall feel of the space. After all, you want your masterpiece meals to look appetizing under ideal lighting!


The light fixture you choose to install above your dining table holds more weight than you might think in determining the overall look of the room. Going for a more modern style? Something with clean lines and simple materials will give you an inviting and intriguing atmosphere. Or do you prefer something a bit more traditional? Try a classic chandelier or a less-edgy fixture with softer lighting.


The good news is: exchanging your current light fixture is one of the least expensive changes you can make to your space that will make a drastic difference. However, please be extremely cautious when installing a new fixture if you are unfamiliar with the process. Improper installation can result in electrocution. Consider calling a professional if you feel unsure!


Make it Personal

Mixed chair set at small dining room table

Since the dining room is home to intimate conversations, fits of laughter, celebrations and parties, etc, it should reflect the people who sit there. Consider installing a bookshelf or floating shelves on the wall with the most space, and filling it with your favorite decor: special photos, artifacts, memorabilia, antique hand-me-downs, artwork, and your most-loved books.


Your decor in the dining room can be meaningful and personal for you, and may just end up being talking points for guests. If you have children, an application of chalkboard paint on a section of the wall could be a classic but fun way to give them creative space (as well as write sweet celebration messages back and forth!).


Personalizing this space in your home is a surefire way to encourage conversation, beauty, and belonging.


Take the Leap

No matter where you find yourself in the world of interior decorating, Loth & Co is here to assist you in making your home a sanctuary. Whether you’re ready to streamline your space, make a bold color decision, mix and match furniture, install a new light fixture, or personalize your design, we want to come on the journey with you.


Check out our collection of kitchen and table decor for inspiration. Your home is worth it; take the leap! We’ll see you for dinner.

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