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Woman decorating a kitchen table

So, you’ve taken the helm of a new home decor project and you’re looking for a place to start. Whether you’re moving into a new house or revamping your current space, decor can be a massive undertaking. It can feel like there’s simply not enough Pinterest inspiration or HGTV to truly help you find direction. Trust us, we understand the feeling. 

Designing a space can be tough. But don’t fret! We’re here to give you a solid place to start. Keep reading to see our list of the top 8 essential decor items you must have! 

1. Throw Blanket

Faux fur throw blanket

The items we decorate our home with shouldn’t all be included just for the aesthetic. Believe it or not, you can have that Instagram perfect space and still live comfortably in it too. The sweet spot of interior design is embellishing your space with both items that please the eye and also serve a greater purpose. Throw blankets are a perfect example of just that. They are a staple in home decor and an absolute must-have. Not only do they add a pop of texture and color, but they’re also a cozy necessity you’ll surely appreciate as winter draws closer! 

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Fireside Cosy Throw

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2. Chic Storage 

Chic storage basket

Sometimes we don’t realize how much stuff we have until we move or start to redecorate. We tend to accumulate so many odds and ends without any practical places to store them. This can happen in any room of our home.

Books in the living room. Loose fruit in the kitchen. Cosmetics in the bathroom. The list goes on and on. That’s why every interior design plan should include chic, functional storage. Baskets, jars, shelves  – you name it! Take a look at the items you need a home for and invest in a suitable storage solution that’s also eye-candy for your guests.

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3. An Element of Aromatherapy  

Lykke candles and diffusers

Did you know our olfactory (smell) system is the only sense directly connected to the brain? That’s why you can walk into a space, pick up a scent, and suddenly be transported to a specific memory on a specific day in the autumn of 2003. Our sense of smell is intertwined with our perception of the world around us. Build up the atmosphere in your home with a signature scent. There are endless ways to incorporate an element of aromatherapy in your space. You could stick with a candle or branch out into diffusers or incense. 

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4. A Well-Placed Rug

Area rug in an office space

Sometimes the missing piece of your interior design puzzle is a smartly placed rug. Don’t underestimate what a great addition they can be to just about any room in your home. Add a large statement rug to your living room to create a cohesive feel to your design. Place a small, non-slip rug in your laundry area for a stylish and practical touch. Rugs add an intentional, concluding quality to your space. Think of them as the bow on top of a present. 

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5. Table Placemats 

Table placemat setup

What a rug is to your living space a placemat is to your table. It’s a final embellishment to add that last bit of oomph to your table arrangement. The texture, style, and color of your placemats can completely transform the aura of your dining area. They serve a practical purpose too! Placemats are a great way to increase the longevity of your table – especially if you have small children. Our dining areas endure a lot of loving wear and tear. A placemat can bear the brunt of all that potential damage.  

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6. Statement Pottery 

Ceramic plates and decor

Details, details, details! Express your distinct tastes with a handcrafted vase. Pottery is a beautifully simple way to add a little extra zest to a room. Since each piece is made individually, there can be slight variations from vase to vase. There’s something really special about displaying a one-of-a-kind piece of art in your home. It can bring an authentic element to your design. Statement pottery, however small, can take your decor from basic to enchantingly robust.

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7. A Practical and Stylish Touch 

Decorative salt and pepper pots

As we touched on before, yes, your space should be stylish, but it should also be livable. Don’t take the human element out of your design plan. We’re not meant to live in an idyllic showroom. Pick out pieces that have a use beyond just looking nice on a shelf. Start with the items you use every day. As you buy the necessities, think to yourself, how can I incorporate this into my decor? Buy a stylish salt and pepper shaker! If you have a fireplace, buy a bag of Fatwood fire starters and display them on your mantelpiece.  

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8. House Plants 

Peperomia house plant

Invite the natural world into your home! If you spend any amount of time on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed that house plants are having a moment in the spotlight. This green renaissance is giving even those bound to a highrise apartment the chance to hone in on their horticulture skills.

From the monstera deliciosa to the fiddle leaf fig, houseplants are becoming a decor must-have. Aside from their aesthetic value, they can also offer benefits like improved air quality and better mental health. So bring home a house plant or twenty. And don’t forget to match them with a stylish planter! 

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Style your sanctuary with decor that is both beautiful to the eye and serves a purpose. There are amazing decor items you find online to beautify your space. Get creative and explore! Feel free to share with us your most favorite decorations you’ve found for your home.


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