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So, you’re ready to freshen up your space. Or maybe you just moved into a new home and you’re not sure where to start.

If the task of decorating your abode feels more like impending doom than a joyous celebration, it may be because you’re unsure how to make design choices that fit your style. Maybe you’re not even sure what your style is! The most important element of home decor is making choices that fit you and your personality.

At the end of a long day, you want to kick your shoes off in a space that reflects the things, colors, and moments you love. Keep reading for practical tips on how to make this a reality.


Elegant female closet space

Wardrobe Wonder

What’s in your closet says a lot about your style and personality. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of decorating your home, start with what you put on your body! Consider the following as you make design decisions in your space:


  • What patterns do I wear most? Animal, floral, geometric, or none at all?
  • Do I love a lot of variety and options (in color, cut, and style), or do I prefer to have predictable, consistent choices available?
  • Which colors dominate my closet? Do I tend to wear neutrals, dark shades, vibrant hues, muted colors, or monochromatic tones?
  • Do I tend to make clothing purchases based on: comfort, practicality, versatility, fun, spontaneity?
  • Is my closet organized, or do I value flexibility and freedom?
  • Do I like accessories (jewelry, scarves, belts, purses, etc), or does pragmatism dominate my outfit choices?


You might just be surprised at what you learn about yourself after taking stock of your closet. Choosing what fits in your home decor may just come down to what “fits” in the mirror!


Interior design ideas

Color Me “Home”

The color you choose for wall paint, decor, and accent pieces should reflect the colors you naturally gravitate toward, wear, and appreciate. Here are some questions to ask yourself before choosing colorful pieces and paint for your living space:


  • Which color makes me feel most beautiful? (Back to the closet for this one!) When it’s date night or GNO, which dress or ensemble do I reach for most often? Consider using this color palette as your point of reference for accent pieces and accessories in your space.
  • When you’re in other people’s homes, which colors do you feel most drawn to? Do you find yourself complimenting the bold accent wall or the seamless melding of coordinating neutral colors throughout the house? Make note of the colors you love to see most in others’ designs.
  • When you’re tempted to purchase flowers for yourself (treat yourself!), do you tend to reach for the bright, wildflower mix or babies breath with lots of greenery? Choose color based on what you love in nature.
  • How do your friends and family describe your personality? Calm, cool and collected (blues, neutrals, greys, muted tones), bold and determined (vibrant hues, reds, contrasting colors), or the life of the party (eclectic colors, yellows, variety of accent shades)?


Let your responses to these questions help you determine the color palette that best suits your personal style. Home should be a space where you feel completely at ease, totally known, and fully comfortable.


Woman searching through interior design book for ideas

Inspiration’s the Name of the Game

We’ve all experienced that moment of envy when walking into a friend’s home or while flipping through pages of a home magazine or, most sinister of all, scrolling through Pinterest. But don’t lose heart! These can actually be helpful sources of inspiration for your next design project.


  • Create a Pinterest Board: While scrolling through endless images of gorgeous home decor, save (pin) the content you can’t keep your eyes off of to a board of inspiration. Open it up next time you’re shopping online or selecting paint colors. You can also add photos from your camera roll or computer storage to Pinterest directly, so be intentional to take photos of things you find in stores, coffee shops, or in the homes of friends and family for inspiration later. (Instagram and Facebook both have “saving” features, too, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to Social Media inspiration!)


  • Magazine Collage: Call us old fashioned, but there’s something nostalgic about cutting into magazines to find your favorite words and images. Consider doing this with home decor or interior design magazines, and adhering the photos, colors, and words that represent your style to poster paper, a corkboard, or a journal that you can bring with you to your favorite home decor shop.


  • Discuss with a Professional: If you find that none of your usual inspiration sources are cutting it, it may be time to call in the pros. Consider hiring an interior designer to discuss your needs and vision, meeting with a consultant at a design store or agency, or exploring design blogs for expert advice.

An Art, Not a Science: Make plans to visit your local art gallery, or just peruse photographers’ and artists’ profiles online. Pay attention to what styles and mediums of art you’re drawn to. Do you love texture, color, still photography, or pieces depicting movement and life? Write down your thoughts: What feeling does each work evoke? Which pieces do you keep coming back to?


Dining table dressed for dinner 

Style For Sale

Okay, let’s face it: sometimes, you just don’t have the time or energy to do all of the work required by researching and putting together collages and finding out what inspires you. Sometimes, you just need a collection of unique, beautiful things at your fingertips to arrive at your doorstep with the click of a button. Thankfully, there are many online home decor repositories available today that do all the heavy lifting for you.


Far and above them all is Loth & Co, an online showroom filled with sophisticated, sensational pieces that are sure to take your space to the next level. Come explore our selection of home decor for the lady of the house who desires for the home to be a place of beauty, of comfort, of elegance.


From aromatic apothecary, exclusive kitchenware, exquisite talking pieces, and cozy accessories, Loth & Co makes choosing home decor easy. Come on in and say hello!