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There’s not a question about it, purchasing a candle online is not as simple as going directly in-store. The very essence of a candle - its scent - is lost in the process of buying it online. However, that doesn’t make it impossible to choose the right candle for your home with a scent you’ll absolutely enjoy.

Unfortunately, scratch-and-sniff technology for your computer or touch screen device isn’t available quite yet. (We’re just as shocked as you are.) Until then, we’ve compiled a list of direct ways to choose a candle online, when you can’t hold it to your nose first.

Keep reading for four factors to consider when purchasing a candle from a website or online store you may be unfamiliar with.


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Understand Wax Differences

Not all candle waxes are created equally, and some will work better in your space than others. Here’s the breakdown: the best candle waxes are soy, paraffin, and beeswax.


  • Soy: This wax is naturally derived from soybeans, making it an eco-friendly choice for candle burning. Soy wax holds the scent better than any other kind of candle wax and is a slower burning option, resulting in a candle that lasts longer than most.
  • Paraffin: This option is the most popular for poured candles, as it is made from crude oil. When fully refined, paraffin wax is non-toxic and totally safe for home use. Candles made from this product burn bright and long, ideal for conversation spaces!
  • Beeswax: Commonly used for centuries as an all-natural, honeycomb-derived candle wax source, beeswax boasts a noticeable honey scent. Beeswax gives off less smoke than other wax variations and burns beautifully.


Depending on the kind of burning experience and scent distribution you are desiring in a candle, either of these waxes is an excellent choice for your online candle purchase.


two lavender candles with wrapped lavender

Understand Scent Descriptions

You may have heard of the color wheel, but if you are going to successfully purchase a candle online, it is to your benefit to become familiar with the fragrance wheel. Fragrances come in four main categories, with subcategories and layers therein. Our favorite fragrance wheel is from FragranceX. The main groupings are floral, oriental, woody, and fresh.


The fragrance wheel from FragranceX

Image sourced from FragranceX.


It is helpful to know which scent family you are more inclined to before proceeding with purchasing a candle online. Here are some questions to consider when landing in a scent grouping:


  • Is there a category I normally gravitate to in my personal and hygiene fragrances?
  • What mood or environment do I hope to create in my home?
  • What scents and/or seasons does my family most enjoy?
  • Is there a scent or fragrance category that best compliments my personality?
  • Which scent best echoes the story I’m trying to tell with my home decor and color choices?


If you prefer muted, earthy tones and natural decor (wood, greenery, soft textures), a scent from the “Woody” section of the fragrance wheel (sandalwood, cedar, pine, etc.) might suit your taste better than something floral.


If, however, your style is clean and bright (little to no color, subtle accent pieces), a smell resembling something from the “Fresh” category (citrus, herbal, fruity, etc.) might make the most sense in your space.


Floral” scents speak for themselves; think rose, daisy, lavender, and other flower-derived scents.


Oriental” fragrances are often described as “exotic” and “seductive.” They are rich in scent and are accompanied by warm and spicy notes. Think amber, spices, vanilla, and musk.


Vanilla-scented candle on a tray

Read the Reviews

When you can’t smell something for yourself, trust the people who have! In the same way you wouldn’t go to a restaurant if it had terrible reviews complaining about the flavors and taste of the food, you’ll benefit from knowing which scents on the website you’re browsing left customers dissatisfied.


If a website doesn’t have reviews readily available, don’t worry! Simply look up the scent via another source to see if other consumers generally enjoy the fragrance of the description you’re interested in.


Specifically, check if others have found success burning the candle in rooms similar to the one you’re hoping to purchase it for. If a customer says, “beautiful fragrance, but overwhelming in the bathroom,” you know to avoid buying that candle for your powder room.


Three candles atop a stack of books

Know Which Room The Candle is For

Where are you planning to burn this delightful new candle? The answer to this question will help determine the type of candle and specific scent you decide to purchase online.


A smaller room that requires a cleaner scent for the sake of odor (bathroom, kitchen, etc) might benefit from a slow-burning fresh scent that isn’t overpowering. Larger rooms, such as the living room, master bedroom, or any space with tall ceilings may profit from a quicker-burning, bolder scent (maybe even with a double wick).


Here are five questions to ask yourself when shopping online, regarding the room you are purchasing a candle for:


  • What is the size of the desired room?
  • How many people normally occupy this space?
  • Do I need a subtle fragrance, or something strong?
  • Which scent profile best fits this particular room decor and mood?
  • How quickly do I want the space to be filled with the fragrance?


babe soy candles from OUD

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