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Christmas wreath

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived! And who says it can’t be the chicest time of year too? Decorating for the holidays can be another opportunity to flex your interior design skills and craft a cozy space that captures the spirit of Christmas without the tacky tropes of decors past. 

Need some inspiration? Let’s dive into our 25 ideas for holiday decorating! 

1. Pick a Color Scheme For Your Tree 

If your current ornament situation is a hodgepodge of odds and ends, you’re not alone. There is something quite charming about a Christmas tree filled with mix-match decor. But if you’re going for a cohesive look, pick a color palette to work with and build out a set of ornaments to decorate with from there. 

2. Focus on the Mantel Place

Christmas time and a cozy fire go hand in hand! So, naturally, the mantel place is a quintessential place to gather during the holiday season. Spruce it up with small decorative elements and cascading winter eucalyptus garlands. 

3. Let Your Presents Double as Decor 

Golden wrapping paper for Christmas

Yes. Even your presents can add to the ambiance of your holiday decor! Pick a beautiful set of statement wrapping paper to give your presents a uniform look. 

4. Don’t Forget the Garland

Garlands are a staple in holiday decor. With so many unique options to choose from, they can completely shift the feel of your space to better suit the theme you’re aiming for.  

5. Amplify the Mood With Candles 

Smell is one of our most powerful senses. We can form deep associations with a smell that can last a lifetime. Pick a signature scent for Christmas time that will get you in the holiday spirit year after year! 

6. A Tree For Every Room 

Why limit yourself to just one tree? Sure, you can pull out all the stops for the main tree in your living room. But you can also place smaller trees around the house too. A mini tree for the kitchen counter, a small tree for the corner of your bedroom – really wherever you have a suitable spot! 

7. Switch Up Your Throw Pillows and Blankets 

Holiday pillow that says "HOHO"

A subtle way to decorate for the holidays is to replace your normal throw pillows and blankets with more festive alternatives. It adds a touch of cheer without too much fanfare. 

8. Add a Rustic Element 

If you’re going for a Christmas cabin feel, add some elements of nature into your space. An Arctic sheepskin or pine leaf bouquet can bring an air of comfort and authenticity to your home.  

9. A Unique Twist on a Classic Tree 

Norfolk pine house plants decorated for Christmas

Image Source: Costa Farm

The Norfolk Pine is a sustainable, unique alternative to a traditional Christmas tree. These resilient house plants not only offer a purpose seasonally, but they can also brighten up your space year-round. 

10. Houseplant Lovers Rejoice 

Speaking of houseplants, why not incorporate your other potted companions into your holiday decorating? You can place them in a festive planter or even hang ornaments on them if they’re big enough.

11. Dazzle With A Holiday Charcuterie Board 

Food is a huge focal point during Christmas. Pick out a stunning cheese tray to display your charcuterie arrangement on.

12. Craft Centerpiece Magic 

A centerpiece can add a holiday flair to your kitchen table. Embellish it with a leaf spray, pine cones, or candles. 

13. Add a Natural Element 

Bring the outdoors into your living room with arrangements of branches, dried flowers, and other elements that offer a nod to nature. You can even add LED faux branches that light up for a twinkling touch. 

14. Build a Gingerbread House 

Sometimes there’s no need to mess with the classics! A gingerbread house is a timeless tradition that can offer an authentic touch to your home decor this holiday season. 


15. Joy in the Details 

Holiday figurines for fire place

There are plenty of subtle details you can add to your space to bring on Christmas cheer. Use a festive wine stopper or scatter holiday figurines amid your year-round decor!  

16. Take the Celebration to the Kitchen 

There are plenty of holiday-themed kitchen accessories to add a dash of merry cheer to your home. A special Christmas dish set or festive tea towel can really spice up your kitchen! 

17. Visions of Sugar-Plums 

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without sweets! Leave out a bowl of candy for you and your family to dip into. Not only does it offer an opportunity for a tasty snack, but it also adds a decorative element too. Don’t worry, we won’t tell Santa of the naughty nibbling!

18. Go For a Homemade Touch 

Salt dough ornaments

Image Source: Julie Blanner

Whether you lean towards a rustic aesthetic or want to make your holiday celebration just a little more green, making your own decor can be a great option this year! You can create a garland of dries oranges or perhaps make salt dough ornaments for your tree. If you have children, this would be a great bonding activity and can even become a family tradition.

19. Say it in Chalk 

“Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart!” Choose your favorite yuletide quote and write it out on a chalkboard to display in your home. Each day can be unique!

20. Don’t Limit Ornaments to Your Tree 

There’s no rule limiting ornaments to just hang on your tree! Display them in a glass cabinet, put them in a bowl as a centerpiece, or decorate your mantel with spare ornaments.

21. Stockings Hung With Care 

As a classic Christmas must-have, stockings are a vital part of the decor process. Be sure you pick out a set that embodies whatever theme you have in mind. If you’re more traditional, stick with the trusty red and white original. If you’re going for more of a farmhouse feel, maybe select a burlap or plaid pattern.

22. Season’s Greetings 

Get a dose of holiday cheer every time you walk through your front door! A seasonal doormat is a wonderful way to incorporate a festive touch to your home.  

23. Display Your Confections 

Dessert is a vital part of the holiday season. Why not display your decorated cookies and peppermint bark on a beautiful cake stand?

24. Add Some Sparkle 

Christmas decor is all about embodying the themes of joy and light the season brings. Don’t be afraid to embrace the sparkly, golden, and shimmery this holiday season. 

25. Raise a Glass To the New Year

Sparkly wine glasses

Once another Christmas passes us by, it’s on to the New Year. Be sure to have champagne flutes on standby as we usher in our next orbit around the sun!

All in all, enjoy this season with decorations and smells that make Christmas feel special to you. If you have any suggestions for other ladies of the house, let us know!