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New furniture in dining room

Is it time for a furniture makeover?!

There is nothing more fun or satisfying than updating your home with new paraphernalia. Furniture creates a wholesome feeling to the room. The type of furniture you have in your home tells two stories: 1) It speaks your self-identity. 2) It exhibits the type of environment you’re most comfortable living in.

Our tastes may change over time, but our desire to keep our home comfortable and designed to our satisfaction remains.

In this article, we’ll be helping you update your home with styles and details that you may not have known about to match new furniture with your current theme. Grab your glass of wine (a cup of tea or coffee works too, but it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere) and get creative!

Does Furniture Need to Match?

No, but we’ll explain why.

Over the years, in television and all across our American society, you’ve seen matching furniture sets in the home. Gone are the days that you must purchase a matching set of side tables and a coffee table. You can, but nowadays, it’s also appropriate to become creative. In fact, it’s encouraged!

What is a necessity is to coordinate your furniture and theme. An antique clock from your grandparents could still work with a more modern style. It’s all in the type of furniture you obtain and how you create a synergy between all elements of the room.

white furniture themed bedroom

We’re not saying that you should mix a cowhide rug with a leopard patterned couch. What we are saying, is that it’s okay to have a unique sense of style that properly reflects who you are and ties the room together. Give your room depth with some contrast.

Can I Mix and Match Wood Furniture?

Of course! But please refrain from making your home look like an aisle at IKEA.


When you match all wood colorings and furnishings, your room can end up looking bland or uninviting due to being so conventional. You no longer need to worry about keeping a theme traditional. In fact, you should be thinking about ways to make it look more creative!

wooden furniture in living room

Wooden furniture that coordinates well with metal or glass is much more appealing as the pairing is dynamic. When you’re picking out your new furniture for your current theme or even a new theme, you should be considering the feel it brings to the room. Does it look chaotic or out of place? Does it blend in too much? Does it open up the room?

How Can I Match My Room Furniture Color?

Colors can be a bit tricky to match. You want to have color coordination without it looking too boring. You also need to be thinking about how the furniture colors match the style of the home and the patterns or paint shades of the walls. Sometimes, even lighting plays a big role.


The walls set the tone for the room; they accentuate the soul of the home.


Before you start choosing your new furniture, consider if your current theme’s color is matching the style you’re trying to create.

yellow themed living room with furniture

A simple guide to matching the furniture color in the room is to pair the psychological feel of the room’s color(s) to the furniture.

  • Blue: A colder color that is best paired with another shade of blue or brighter colors like lime green, pink, gold, or mustard.
  • Grey: A neutral color that doesn’t bring much energy into the room. You have more leeway with a neutral color as most colors go well with it. Colors that coordinate very well include white, off white, sandy, or blue.
  • Green: An earthy color but also a bit cold. It’s best to pair with furniture colors that are also earthy or warm such as brown, navy blue, gold, or off white.


Neutral colors tend to pair well with most colors, so it’s much easier to match your new furniture with colors like white or grey. Colder colors do well with earthy or warm colors.


As a rule of thumb, think about how the room makes you feel, currently and how you want it to make you feel after you add your new furniture.

Research Inspiration Online

Well, that’s what you’re doing right now to match your furniture with your theme, right? But there are a great many resources online for interior design. Pinterest has a lot of great design ideas, and a favorite online publication to keep up on design trends is Elle Decor.


You don’t need to copy everything you find online, you can just use it as inspiration! Some top interior designers like to publish content to their social media channels on Instagram and Twitter, so look there for ideas from professionals.

Purchase Unique Furniture from Boutique Shops

Many local or online boutique-like shops have a lot to offer! You’ll find some incredibly creative designs for furniture and accessories that you won’t be able to find in more well-known stores. Even if you find throw pillows that are different in the world of design, wouldn’t you love your guests asking how they can purchase them too?

Medium-sized puff drumYour uniqueness tells a story about who you are. When choosing new furniture and decor for your home, ultimately, choose what makes
you happy. Over time, many of us do tend to change our feelings on how our home looks. It’s better to live in a home that brings you joy than distaste.

As long as you are happy with your sanctuary, each day is a joyous day.


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