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Now that we’ve made it out of 2020 -phew- it’s time to shake off the old and welcome in the new. This is the perfect time to shed what’s no longer sparking joy and completely reinvent your living space. But just like any year, 2021 is here to throw all our notions about what’s currently trending for interior design out the window.

Though we might not have a lot of house guests at the moment, our friends and family can still see our homes through Zoom calls. We aim to impress at all times, even through pandemics.

A Cozy, Earthy Feel

In the new year, it’s all about returning to our roots. Get cozy with colors that conjure up images of the Earth – deep green, brown, burnt orange. When you consider what changes you’d like to make to your living space this year, focus on what color pallet you want to build off of. Once you nail some earthy, warm tones you’d like to incorporate into your space, you can begin to pick out furniture, wallpaper, paint, and decor.


Earth-Toned Pinterest Mood Board 

Here are some of our favorite earth-colored pieces to warm up your living space: 


Add an earthy touch with our Almond Pitcher Series. These beautifully crafted pottery pieces will look amazing on an open kitchen shelving or filled with creamer on your kitchen table. You can buy them in a set or in the color Natural, Grey Ombre, or Ochre Ombre. 

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Earthy recycled wool blanket

Earthy tones summon a calm, cozy essence into a room. There is no better way to quite literally wrap yourself into this sensation than with a soft, earth-hued throw blanket. Our Recycled Wool Blanket is a perfect addition to any room, adding a homey feel wherever it’s draped. 

But Our Recycled Wool Blanket

Cottage Chic

The cottage aesthetic is making a major comeback in 2021 interior trends. Cottage chic -also known as cottagecore within some online communities- is a lifestyle as much as it is a style. As a callback to a western agricultural lifestyle, it seeks to bring back the tradition of homesteading. Think homemade bread, dried flowers, and an atmosphere your grandmother might feel right at home in. Stylistically, the cottage aesthetic incorporates practical, artisan decor with an emphasis on muted colors. If you choose to embody this interior style, don’t shy away from maximalism; especially if you have an impressive book collection to display!    

Explore the Cottagecore Aesthetic on Pinterest 

Here is some inspiration to help you achieve all of your cottagecore dreams: 


Local honey is a must for any self-respecting homestead (unless you are allergic). Marry the stylish with the practical with our Glass Honey Pot & Dipper. This handsome jar and wooden dipper offer a great way to display honey after you pick it up from the local farmers’ market or perhaps even harvest it from your own bee colony. 

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Floral scented sachet

Interior design is a sensory experience. Incorporating a signature scent into your space is a great way to enhance the atmosphere of your home. Our Apricot Rose Botanical Sachet not only carries a delightful, floral scent, it also doubles as a nice visual touch to your cottage chic homestead. 

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Bold, Fun Patterns 

It’s time to ditch the sterile all-white, farmhouse look and breathe some life into your space. Bold statement patterns are the name of the game in 2021. And this might be a shock to some but wallpaper is now trending too!  Luckily there are a lot of less permanent, “peel and stick” options available if you don’t want to make a decades-long commitment to a print you might not like in a year or two. You can also incorporate bold patterns into your home with decor, curtains, planters, and more.

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Find some of our bold patterns here:  


bold pattern pitcher

Why stick to boring stoneware when you can spice up your kitchen items with some patterns? Our Gingham Pitcher is a stunning break from solid colored kitchenware. It can even fit into a cottage aesthetic if you’re drawn to that style.

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Geometric pattern poof

Geometric patterns can liven up any room in your home. This Mint Medium Puff Drum adds a whimsical, lighthearted feel to a space. It also comes in the color rose. Perfect for any part of your house, it’s a great way to add some pattern and color into your life. 

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Furniture and Decor with a Natural Feel   

Wicker, rattan, and rustic wood are in! We’re seeing renewed interest in light-colored, natural materials in 2021 interior design. Much like the shift towards earthy tones, this trend stems from a desire to bring nature a little closer to home. With that said, this style can be accompanied by houseplants and a turn towards organic textiles. 

See the Potential of Natural Materials on This Pinterest Board 

Capture that natural feel with these items from our catalog: 



Rattan serving tray

As we said, rattan is trending in a big way. Its light, handwoven look captures a natural, effortless essence. Incorporate it in your space with our Oval Rattan Tray. Each tray is handwoven by local artisans from Myanmar. This elegant piece is a lovely addition to your ottoman and is sure to impress once we can all gather in person again. 

Buy Our Oval Rattan Tray with Handles



Woven basket - natural materials

Keeping with the artisan design, our Oval Hand-Woven Grass & Date Leaf Basket with Handle is another great way to incorporate a natural element into your living space. This beautiful basket not only has a sleek look, but it’s also great for storage. 

But Our Oval Hand-Woven Grass & Date Leaf Basket with Handle 

Sustainability Forward   

In 2021, we’re taking our stewardship of the earth seriously and making changes to shift towards a greener way of life. Home design is an area we can and should consider when taking stock of our impact on the environment. That means turning towards well-made, consciously-sourced furniture, and decor when we decorate. 

Find Tips For a More Sustainable Interior on Pinterest 

Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly accessories we have to offer: 


Eco-friendly cleaning supply

We might not think of cleaning supplies as a way to express your style but with sustainability as an interior design element, anything you bring into your home can represent your dedication to the planet. Our Long Handle Natural Beechwood Brush not only has a stylish look to it, but it’s also made of natural materials that can easily break down once you’re ready for a new one. 

Buy Our Long Handle Natural Beechwood Brush 


Wool dryer ball

Take your sustainable decor into the laundry room. Wool Dryer Balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets. Simply drop on some essential oils and throw them in with your laundry. Once you’re done, display them in a glass jar to add that sustainable look to the space. 

Buy Our Wool Dryer Balls 

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