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11 rules of home decor

Stellar home decorating requires a keen eye for style and a solid foundation of design knowledge. Yes, of course, it’s okay to bend the rules and think outside the box, but it’s important to know the dimensions and perimeter of that box first. 

If you want to design a home sanctuary you’ll love and your guests will marvel at, it’s vital to have a guide to follow as you flesh out your remodel plan. Let’s go back to school and learn about the 11 rules of home decor as told by loth and co. 

1. Start With the Basics


First things first, start out with a canvas that’s easy to work with. You’ll want to pick out a color scheme and work within it. One of the best starting points is painting your walls accordingly. If you’re going for a versatile backdrop, stick with white or pale cream.

If you’re prepared to commit to a more dramatic look, go for a bold color or wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to paint over any exposed brick walls if the rusty red color is throwing off the color scheme in a room. Just be sure you’re setting yourself up for success with a wall color that makes sense.   

2. Go For Timeless Elements 

When it comes to picking out more structural, permanent elements of a room, go for pieces you can work with for years to come. Room elements such as countertops, cabinets, and other built-in furniture and decor can be a lot more time-consuming to replace.

If you opt for a design that you won’t like once it’s not trendy anymore, you’ll have to go through the process all over again. Not to mention all the extra cash you’ll have to spend on the project. Try to stick with simple elements you can build off of. This will make reselling your home easier in the long run too (if that’s a goal for you)!

3. Consistency is Key 

Wall art

Pick a lane and stick with it. An eclectic design only works if there’s a common theme threading the elements in a room together. Before you even start to pick out the decor, decide on a vision.

Map it out on Pinterest or create a vision board. Be sure the different pieces you have in mind will actually look good together. The last thing you want is for your finished product to look like you hit shuffle and went with it. A beautiful space hinges on a cohesive design vision. No, that doesn’t mean your decor needs to be “matchy-matchy”. It simply needs to make sense altogether.  

4. Be Mindful of Your Rug Choices 

Rugs can either pull a room together or topple a redesign. It’s crucial to not only pick a rug that goes with your overall theme but also one that fits the space properly. Be sure you don’t select a rug that’s too small for your space or you run the risk of creating an unbalanced, disproportionate appearance.

If you’re tempted to go for a smaller size due to your budget, it might be best to not include a rug in your design plan. But if you’re deadset on adding a rug, be sure it’s at least big enough to reach under the front legs of your furniture. 

5. Pick the Right Curtain Length 

curtain length

Curtain length is another seemingly small detail that can end up creating an asymmetrical look if not carefully selected. As a rule of thumb, the end of your curtains should fall just above the floor. If they’re too short this could create an unrefined, incomplete feel. Another curtain tip is to mount your curtain rod closer to the ceiling. This can create dimension and make a room appear bigger.  

6. Always Take Measurements 

Before you purchase any piece of furniture, take measurements. It can be easy to hit “add to cart” when you find a piece you love but be sure it will actually fit in your space. Create a visual map of how all the furniture you’re eyeing will fit in a room before you make any big decisions. Does that sofa you have in mind look good proportionately with the coffee table you picked out?

Some online shops have AR (augmented reality) for viewing items through your mobile device. It might be fun to play around with it a little to see how furniture looks in your home through a lens!

Make your final purchases only when you have an idea of how all the larger elements of a room will fit together.

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7. Play With Different Textures 

Texture is your friend! Don’t be afraid to mix and match different fabrics and materials when selecting decor. Varying textures can create dimension and depth. Play with pairing natural touches such as wood and rattan with industrial metal pieces. Add throw pillows that contrast with the fabric of your couch. Mixing texture is a wonderful way to make your design uniquely you.  

8. Balance Style With Practicality 

Practical and stylish bathroom

There’s no use designing a beautiful space that’s virtually unlivable. At the core of any redesign should be the motivation to create a beautiful, comfortable, and practical space. You should never choose style over comfort.

When picking out furniture and decor for a room, ask yourself what utility it may have too. Not every piece you select needs to be practical, but try to seek comfort and extra storage where you can. 

9. Include Multiple Sources of Light 

A single overhead light simply won’t cut it for most rooms. It can create a stifling two-dimensional feel if you only rely on a single source of light. Multiple light sources make a room feel more livable. Try combining pendant lighting with chandeliers, wall sconces, and floor lamps. This will create a warmer, more filled-in ambiance. 

10. Keep Walkways Open 

Open walkway

Don’t block your walkways. Cramming too many unnecessary pieces of furniture in your hallways can disrupt the flow of your whole home’s design. According to Insider, you should aim to keep at least 36 inches free in your walkways. If your side table or shoe rack goes beyond this parameter, put it somewhere else. This will allow for a breathable atmosphere that feels less constricting. 

11. Trust Your Eye 

At the end of the day, you know what will look best in your home. If it happens to contradict one of the rules above, so be it! As long as you truly love the space you cultivate, you’re in good shape. You have to know the rules to break them, as they say! So take stalk of the basic concepts of design and follow your instincts. As long as you find decor that you love, you’re sure to end up with a beautiful finished product. 


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