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different candle scents

Did you know scent has a powerful connection to the regions of your brain associated with memory and emotion? That’s why when you pick up on a particular smell you’ll be transported to a specific memory from the summer of ten years ago.

Knowing how powerful scents can be, you might imagine that the candles you select for your home can heavily influence the overall feel of the space. The aromas of a room can set the mood for better or for worse. This is the basis for the popular holistic treatment, aromatherapy. It relies on the scent of certain essential oils to heal the body and mind. 

Pick out a signature scent that matches your tastes with this helpful guide to popular candle scents and the atmosphere they carry. 


lavender flower

It’s fairly common knowledge that lavender is quintessentially soothing. Many people credit this scent with exuding a sense of calm that eases anxiety and can even aid more restful sleep. The light floral aroma is perfect for adding a relaxing element to a room. Lavender candles would be ideal on a nightstand next to your bed or placed on the edge of a bathtub. 

Try our lavender and cedar candle for a robust, soothing addition to your happy place.


vanilla beans

Vanilla offers a smooth, uplifting scent. It can evoke lively yet comforting energy in a living space. Go for a vanilla-scented candle if you’re a fan of a sweeter undertone. It is reminiscent of fresh baked goods without being too overpowering. Research also shows that vanilla candles can satisfy a sweet tooth by reducing cravings. A vanilla candle would be well-suited for a living room or even a kitchen.  


cinnamon sticks

Add a cinnamon candle for a stimulating, lively addition to a space. This scent offers a sharp bite that can leave you feeling stimulated and ready to conquer the day. It evokes focus and motivation. Add a cinnamon candle to your office space to promote a more optimal work environment. Or you could add it to your living room to promote an exciting, energized atmosphere. 


jasmine bloom

Another popular floral scent is Jasmine. Like lavender, it promotes a similar sense of relaxation. But rather than being a scent best suited for winding down, jasmine can also promote a happy, buoyant energy too. It’s a soft, romantic fragrance with a distinct brightness at the top. Jasmine is notably useful in combating depression. It would be a great addition to your living room and would be well-suited for a date night in.


citrus assortment

Of all the scents we have listed, citrus is the most invigorating. The smell hits you like a refreshing splash of cold water to the face. Citrus offers a high-energy kick of motivation that is sure to have you accomplishing every item on your to-do list for the day. Place this candle just about anywhere while doing chores around the house or working from home.  

Transport your senses with our Rosemary and Lemon Candle. It’s a lively, uplifting scent you’ll fall in love with.


Patchouli flowers

Let’s round out this guide with one last relaxing scent. If you’re a fan of deep, earthy fragrances, patchouli is right up your alley. It’s been known to help reduce symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Patchouli can offer a grounding presence, helping to ease tension and signal to the body that it’s time to settle down. Add a patchouli candle to your bedroom or reading nook to promote relaxation.

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There is a world of aromatherapy waiting for you to discover. This is just a simple guide to help you narrow down scents you might enjoy. If you’re in the market for a new candle or other aromatherapy accessories, shop our curated selection. Complete your living space with a new signature scent or a dazzling decorative element to pull the room together.